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The future lies in range   

Volkswagen is redefining the performance of electric mobility with the new all-electric ID.7. The fully electric fastback combines high range values, fast charging, ample space and intuitive operation in the new premium standard from Volkswagen.

Details about the new ID.7

Charge quickly. Drive further.

​Depending on the battery capacity, the new ID.7 offers an all-electric range of up to 435 miles and is thus equipped for practically any non-stop journeyYou can charge from 10 to 80 per cent in under 30 minutes, get on the road again swiftly and drive for longer with the most efficient vehicle in its class: thanks to sophisticated battery management and aerodynamic design, the new ID.7 only consumes 13 kWh/100km.

Arrive more relaxed thanks to enhanced seat comfort

Your choice, your comfort: exceptional relaxation is yours to enjoy with the newly developed ergo Premium seats in the new ID.7. The programmes with side and lower back massage functionality promote blood circulation, ease tension and can help keep you relaxed and calm, especially on long journeys. The massage function operates on the basis of program-controlled inflation and deflation of air pockets integrated in the seat cushions.

Smart horizons

The electric panoramic sunroof in the new VW ID.7 offers heavenly views. The large glass area is not only an eye-catcher, it can be controlled with ease with a swipe of the hand over a functional surface in the headliner or via voice control, and adjusted to be either transparent or opaque. The translucency is controlled by means of electrochromic voltage. 

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The elegant design of the ID.7 is characterised by the aerodynamically shaped front and the sloping roofline, which is remini

Solutions Personal Contract Plan offers for ID.7

ID.7 Pro Launch Edition
for £591.27 a month

Solutions Personal Contract Plan^ representative example subject to 10,000 miles per annum for a ID.7 Pro Launch Edition 77kWh Pro 286PS 1-speed automatic 5 Door

Contract Duration 48 Months

47 Monthly Payments of £591.27

Customer Deposit £8,335.50

Volkswagen Contribution £3,000.00

Retail Cash Price £55,570.00

Optional Final Payment £22,874.40

Option to Purchase Fee £10.00

Total Amount of Credit £44,234.50

Total Amount Payable £62,009.59

Representative APR 4.90 % APR

Rate of Interest 4.86 % Fixed

Excess Mileage (per mile) 0.00 p

^With Solutions Personal Contract Plan. Indemnities may be required. T&Cs apply. Volkswagen Financial Services.

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Function in its most perfect form

​The elegant design of the ID.7 is characterised by the aerodynamically shaped front and the sloping roofline, which is reminiscent of a fastback. Air intakes located in the front end guide the air flowing through them purposefully down the sides of the vehicle to the rear. In this way, they form an air curtain, which calms the air flow at the sides of the vehicle. The sloping roof of the ID.7 ensuring lower energy consumption and higher ranges.

Light for almost any mood

​Give your ID. more personality. Choose from 30 standard colours and gently illuminate the interior. Visually illuminated decorative trims on the dash panel, door trim and mobile phone holder create a special lighting mood. It’s up to you whether you choose cooler or warm lighting.

Experience comfort

The new ID.7 offers ample space for up to five passengers. Thanks to premium materials and features, such as background lighting or the electrically dimmable panoramic sunroof, it conveys the lounge atmosphere of a luxury-class fastback with an especially generous sense of space – also in the second row of seats. The luggage compartment offers a capacity of over 500 litres, so there is space for more than just the bare essentials. The interior materials of the new ID.7 contain a wealth of recycled materials. Moreover, as with the other ID. models, the new ID.7 will arrive to customers completely carbon-neutral.

Intelligent seat design

You can also enjoy the perfect seating comfort in every driving situation thanks to the optional, smart air conditioning. The seat cushion and backrest can be heated independently of each other as standard and together with the optional automated ventilation of the front seats ensure intelligent humidity control. In addition to automatic mode, you can choose between three intelligent climate zones: from hot to dry to cool. Experience total comfort to leave you feeling fit and fresh even on long journeys – regardless of whether after sport or a walk.

Space for more

​Many avenues are open to you with your ID.7, thanks to a range of up to 435 miles. And you have lots of space in the 500 litre luggage compartment to take extra luggage on journeys or to pack a little more than just the bare essentials on everyday trips.

Well-being made easy

​Enjoy a comfortable drive and arrive safe and well – your ID. ensures your well-being thanks to the new, optional wellness in-car app. You can activate various wellness programmes via the app during your journey or while charging. The new air conditioningconcept with smart air vents directs the flow of air selectively and dynamically. Together with sound, light, panoramic sunroof, massage seat and air conditioning, your ID. can provide you with an all-round feeling of well-being if desired in the driver or front passenger seat. You can use various subprogrammes depending on how you feel or want to feel – from activity to relaxation.


High-tech converges with reality in your ID. and allows you to keep an eye on what’s important: the standard augmentedreality head-up display projects important digital information directly onto the windscreen and into your field of vision; for example, you can opt to view information about lane changes or the arrow signals for navigation. You can see the navigation on the lane exactly where you are driving along or turning off – without taking your eyes off the road. So you reach your destination feeling more relaxed.

Everything under control

​A completely new type of user experience awaits you with the new ID. Display. Thanks to the latest intuitive operating concept, your ID. is transformed into a genuine standard-setting smart device. The 15 inch screen display provides convenient access to the most important functions. Individually configurable favourites and even more applications on the homescreen to improve user experience.

Operation of the air conditioning is integrated into the first level of the infotainment system. The different functions of the new air conditioningconcept are visible at all times on the large new display and can be activated and saved individually for each user. The intelligent air vents control the air flow and special requests can be activated using voice commands. If the user says “Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold!”, the ID.7 responds by starting the steering wheel heating function. At the same time, warm air is directed towards the hands.

Say “Hello” to your ID.

​Avoid getting distracted by buttons or switches while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and control important functions of your ID. with ease using next generation intuitive voice control – for example, the radio, optional navigation system or your phone. Just say “Hello ID” and your digital assistant will understand you. If you say “Hello ID, my hands are cold!”, you activate the steering wheel heating function and the smart air vents in the air conditioning system direct the flow of hot air to your hands. Your digital assistant can also give you suggestions depending on the situation, for example, by recommending a certain playlist for you or a detour to avoid traffic congestion.

Prepared  for almost everything

Even at first glance, the new ID.7 shines with a genuine highlight: the optional innovative IQ.LIGHT. The matrix technology enables you to permanently drive with main beam without dazzling other road users. An elegant light strip extends between the attractively shaped LED matrix headlights and the Volkswagen logo. When you approach your vehicle, the headlights light up briefly as if winking at you, making the ID. appear almost human.

What creates an impression at the front should naturally also be present at the rear: The package includes the optional 3D LED tail light clusters with animated brake light and integrated dynamic turn signal, which indicates the intended direction with a dynamic flowing light movement.

Audibly unique

​It sounds unique and it is too: ID. Sound, the sound of the ID. models from Volkswagen when driving at a slow speed. To make road traffic safer, your ID. is quieter on the inside up to a speed of 30 km/h and can be heard a little more clearly outside. The artificially generated vehicle noise makes the almost noiseless electric drives audible for pedestrians and cyclists. It sounds when the vehicle is moving off, when reversing and at speeds of up to 30 km/h. At higher speeds, the rolling noise of the tyres is sufficiently loud that an additional acoustic signal is no longer necessary.

Convenient charging

Charging your Volkswagen ID. model is now even more convenient: with Plug & Charge, the new standard for convenient charging. Simply drive up to the Plug & Charge charging station and insert the cable. Log in, charge, pay – it all takes place automatically. You can continue your journey free of stress.

Your ID.7: drives well and parks itself

​Your Volkswagen with optional Park Assist Plus can not only tell you whether a parking space is big enough as you drive by – it also parks for you.
Up to a speed of 25mph, Park Assist Plus permanently searches for suitable parallel parking spaces. Up to a speed of 10mph it also searches for parking bays. Once you have decided on one of the parking spaces found, you start the parking process, with Park Assist Plus carrying out the parking manoeuvre for you. You only have to monitor the parking process and intervene if necessary.

But Park Assist Plus can do even more. It can also drive out of a parallel parking space again and can help you with a failed parking manoeuvre by completing the process for

Parking Assistant Volkswagen ID7

Memory function for Park Assist Plus

If you opt for Park Assist Plus with memory function, you can now also teach your Volkswagen very individual parking manoeuvres. For example, to park in a carport or garage. You only have to park your Volkswagen once and save the parking process. Afterwards, your Volkswagen can repeat the learned parking manoeuvre on its own. All you have to do is monitor the process and intervene if necessary.

Keeps you in your lane.

​With the optional Travel Assist, you have an extremely useful driving assistant on board. It can keep you in your lane, maintain a minimum distance to the vehicle in front and the maximum speed you have set.

One of the features it uses to do this is adaptive lane guidance. This actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane. Travel Assist adapts to your driving style and can also drive further to the left or right in its own lane instead of exactly in the middle.

In addition, Travel Assist can actively support you when changing lanes on the motorway if desired.

If swarm or mass location data is available, Travel Assist needs to recognise only one road lane marking in order to keep the vehicle in its lane.

In addition, Travel Assist has predictive cruise control and cornering assistance.
Here, the vehicle speed can be adapted to applicable speed limits as well as road layouts (bends, roundabouts etc.).

Can act, if you do not react.

​If you are no longer driving as a result of a medical emergency, the "Emergency Assist" can register this and try to reactivate you. If this is unsuccessful, it can bring the vehicle to a controlled standstill within the system limits and can to prevent an accident if necessary.

Eyes on your blind spot.

The optional Side Assist lane change system can alert you to dangerous lane changes. An LED indicator in the exterior mirror shows you when a vehicle is in your blind spot or approaching quickly from behind.

If you indicate to change lane, it calculates whether one of these situations could pose a hazard to you owing to position and speed – and alerts you by flashing conspicuously.

Together with the lane keeping system Lane Assist, it can also provide support through corrective steering intervention.
The Rear Traffic Alert warns about vehicles crossing your path when reversing out of a parking space. If you do not react, the system can intervene and brake the vehicle to alleviate or even prevent a collision.

It can see what could be over the horizon

The standard hazard warning function supports the driver with useful information, including warnings about construction work or rescue vehicles. Car2X technology uses WiFi to communicate (pWLAN).

Keeps its distance. And sticks to speed limits.

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC helps you to maintain a previously set speed and preset minimum distance to the vehicle in front. It also has predictive cruise control and cornering assistance. This means that ACC can adapt the vehicle’s speed to the relevant speed limits and the road layout (bends roundabouts etc.).

Front Assist emergency braking system

​The standard Front Assist emergency braking system with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring can warn you of critical situations involving pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. It will even brake automatically in emergency situations.

For a complete overview.

Manoeuvring in the bustling city centre, in the car park or on rough terrain: there are many situations in which you could use a few extra eyes as a driver. With the optional Area View you get them in the form of four cameras that capture the area around the vehicle and transfer helpful information to the screen of the infotainment system. For example, you can see kerbs or parking markings better and even look around the corner.

Sportiness needs comfort

The optional proactive occupant protection system can detect precarious situations with the potential to cause an accident and automatically take precautions depending on the situation.

  • Windows and sliding sunroof are closed to a crack to optimise the effect of the airbags.
  • The front seat belts are tightened in an instant to secure the driver and front passenger in their seats.
  • The hazard warning lights are activated.
vw id7 connectivity

Connect with your ID.7

​The VW Connect digital services turn your ID.7 into a connected car, since it is online on demand via the permanently installed SIM card. VW Connect Plus provides near real-time information about traffic conditions and charging stations with availability status and opening hours. You can download, install and update additional digital products for your ID. via the In-Car Shop.

In addition, the VW app for your smartphone provides you with important information about your ID. at a glance even when out and about: for example, you can check the remaining range and whether all doors and windows are closed. You can conveniently start and stop charging processes remotely and adjust the air conditioning to your individual pre

Customise later

Your ID.7 comes with a number of functions that can be activated as upgrades.

The range of functions available depends on the vehicle and model and can be viewed in the In-Car Shop and web shop.

More about upgrades

volkswagen id 7

Infotainment and entertainment for every occasion

Would you like to be able to use your smartphone apps conveniently in the car? App‑Connect makes this really easy to do. It enables you to use selected apps and content in your Volkswagen. They are transferred wirelessly to the infotainment system display with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto from Google and can be operated easily and clearly within your field of vision. This makes it incredibly easy to access music, news, maps or audio books, for example.

More about App-Connect

Play instead of wait  

​Any wait time in the ID.7 feels like an entertaining break with the “Games” in-car app. Various 1990s-style classics, for example, make charging go by in a flash. Whether Solitaire, Chess or the car racing game “VW Go” – everyone is a winner thanks to the 30.5 cm (12 inch) screen of the infotainment system.

The “Games” in-car app does not come preinstalled but can be installed free of charge via the In-Car Shop. To do this you need a Volkswagen ID user account and a main user with valid VW Connect licence.


AugmentedRealityHead-up Display

Now you have the directions displayed directly within your field of vision.

High-tech meets reality: Digital information, such as direction arrows from the optional navigation system, is projected onto part of the windscreen. Now you have the directions displayed directly within your field of vision, in conjunction with the standard navigation system:

Your ID.3 lets you keep an eye on the important things. The augmentedreality head-up display is part of the optional interior package and projects important information onto the windscreen directly into your field of vision. This information includes your current speed or important road signs.

In addition, with the standard navigation system, the augmentedrealitytechnology also enables you to see virtual direction arrows on the road surface. Now, these are even better integrated into the environment and are displayed exactly where you would drive or need to turn. This helps you to reach your destination with less stress and without your eyes leaving the road.

In addition to displaying the optional, assisted lane change thanks to Travel Assist, the augmentedreality head-up display also shows new symbols such as roundabouts, the distance to your destination and also the battery’s charge level (state of; SOC).

Learn More.

Digital Cockpit with electric air vents

A completely new type of user experience awaits you with the new ID. Display.

Thanks to the latest intuitive operating concept, your ID. is transformed into a genuine standard-setting smart device. The 15 inch screen display provides convenient access to the most important functions. Individually configurable favourites and even more applications on the homescreen to improve user experience.

Operation of the air conditioning is integrated into the first level of the infotainment system. The different functions of the new air conditioningconcept are visible at all times on the large new display and can be activated and saved individually for each user. The intelligent air vents control the air flow and special requests can be activated using voice commands. If the user says “Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold!”, the ID.7 responds by starting the steering wheel heating function. At the same time, warm air is directed towards the hands.


Select from one of our two exclusive charging offers when you order an ID.7

Ohme Home Charger

Loaded with smart technology to help you manage charging schedules, monitor progress and keep track of electricity usage and costs.

During your purchase let the Retailer know you'd like the charger and will arrange for an Ohme home charger with standard installation.⁠

How to redeem this offer

We Charge by Elli Credit

Get £750 worth of charging credit with Volkswagen We Charge by Elli, giving you access to thousands of public charging points all across the UK.

When collecting your new ID.7, contact Volkswagen Customer Service to obtain your voucher code.⁠

How to redeem this offer

Finance Terms and Conditions

See full terms and conditions^At the end of the agreement there are three options: i) pay the optional final payment and own the vehicle; ii) return the vehicle: subject to excess mileage and fair wear and tear, charges may apply; or iii) replace: part exchange the vehicle. With Solutions Personal Contract Plan. 18s+. Subject to availability and status. T&Cs apply. Ordered by 02 January 2024 and delivered by 30 June 2024 from participating Retailers. Exclusions may apply. Indemnities may be required. Subject to changes in vehicle or equipment prices. Not available in conjunction with any other finance offer and may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Accurate at time of publication 10/2023. Freepost Volkswagen Financial Services. *Acceptance fee - not required. **Option to purchase fee - Payable at the end of your agreement.Retailer Cash Price shown does not include any products and services that must be paid for separately, such as Service Plans or EV wall boxes if added through a car configurator journey.

Charging Offers Terms and Conditions 
2 Offer open to private retail customers in UK, aged 18+. Receive one of: a 7kW Ohme Home Pro home EV charger (5m tethered cable), 7kW ePod home EV charger (untethered) or a Volkswagen We Charge by Elli voucher with £750 credit when purchasing a new Volkswagen ID.7 vehicle between 09/11/23 and 02/01/24.  Home EV charger option: available to homeowners or renters with landlord's permission with off-street parking & sufficient electrical capacity.  App download & compatible equipment required.  Standard installation subject to T&Cs. Must take place between 1 month prior to and 3 months after vehicle handover. Not for commercial use.  Upgrade, non-standard installation and cancellation costs may apply. Volkswagen We Charge by Elli Charging option:app download, account creation, subscription, tariff selection & payment details required to activate the credit, credit valid for 3 years & cannot be extended. Incentive must be requested at the point of order & cannot be claimed retrospectively. Not available to fleet customers or customers who purchase a vehicle on ContractHire with VolkswagenFinancialServices. Subjectto availability. T&Cs apply.

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