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Sell Your Car to a Reputable Dealer Considering selling your current car quickly but unsure of what to expect? We can guide you through the process. Car buying services often prove to be the fastest way to sell your car. Simply enter a few details online and they will offer you an estimated price for your vehicle. However, your valuation can change depending on the condition of your car. When you take your vehicle to the premises of a car buying service, your car will be inspected before the final price is agreed.

What is your Valuations score?

We'll provide you with your guide price valuation all subject to inspection and our usual terms ready to for us to buy.

Showroom Condition
Requires no reconditioning, paintwork free from scratches, chips and dents. Similarly, the interior trim will need to be in unmarked condition. Wheels, Alloys and trims need to be unmarked and tyres a minimum of 5mm all round. Vehicle of original factory specification. The vehicle will require a full-service history and MOT. All current registration documents and a minimum of two keys. Please note all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal.
Average Condition
It will have service history and MOT certificate but will require some work done to bring it up to a suitable condition for sale. Although the car will be sound mechanically, the wheels, paintwork or bodywork may need minor attention. Please note all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal.
Below Average Condition
f your car has poor service history or less than a month remaining on your MOT certificate you should consider it as being in poor condition. A small percentage will be deducted from its value as a result. In addition, work will be required to fix dents, bumpers, wheel and paint damage. Mechanical issues may be present. Please note that all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal.

FAQ Area

Whether it’s a question about buying a car from Drive Ingram or you simply want to know about our dealerships, our Frequently Asked Questions should have it covered.

How to get your car Valued?


We value each car on an individual basis, looking at its condition, specification and history, rather than the book price alone – if it's the right car, we're happy to pay more. Although we always like to talk in person, we’re happy to buy your car on the phone or through email. In fact, we can even collect your car from anywhere within mainland UK, and you'll be paid instantly, it's no trouble at all.

Why have your car valued?


If you are looking to change of sell your current vehicle, you are in the right place. Drive Ingram offers outstanding part-exchange deals when you trade in your old vehicle – whether you want to drive away in a brand new or a pre-owned model. If you prefer, we can also offer a purchase price to buy it outright. Just let us know what you want and we can discuss your options.

We understand that you want to get the best possible price for your current vehicle – and that is why we promise to offer you a fair deal when you come to us.

Simply enter the vehicle registration number of your current vehicle, followed by your details, and you will receive a free estimate in no time. Remember to double-check your email address to ensure you have entered it correctly, as this is where your valuation will be sent.

This is a great way to establish a budget for your next purchase from us. If you prefer, you can head to your local Drive Ingram​ dealership for an assessment in person of your vehicle’s worth. Our expert team is on hand to establish an exact price.

Instant vehicle valuation - its fast and free!


Ingram Volkswagen provides a competitive quotation within 60 minutes of full form submission as opposed to an instant quote online. We take time to check the condition of the car, the local market and the desirability before we value your car.

We believe in treating every car on its own merits and price it accordingly, so the more information you can provide the better!

We represent one of the most prestigious brand in the world and have highly trained staff in our company who are experts at valuing specific brands.

We provide a personalised face to face service at our dealerships and we will be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have.

Help us by providing an accurate description of your car so we can give you a quick and competitive quotation.

What do I do if I have a private registration plate?


​If you wish to sell Ingram Volkswagen your car to us, we will obviously have received your registration and know you have a private plate. But you should certainly discuss this matter with your dealership as unless you specifically inform us that you wish to retain the number plate then it would simply be sold with the vehicle.