Without the Volks, there is no Wagen

Volkswagen. It means the people's car.

Volkswagen UK and Ingram Volkswagen are celebrating car love. From life-long friendships and happy memories to the people who’ve made the leap to living electric. We hope these stories inspire future owners and offer a warm embrace to those who are already part of the Volkswagen family. After all, without the Volks, there is no Wagen.

We like to say...

It’s not just Volkswagen
It’s TomsWagen
For musicians, it’s a BandWagen
Having kids? Now it’s a FamWagen
The people make the car
That’s why it’s


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He wanted to be King of The Road, The high up driving position made him feel exactly that

Erum's Story 

My father bought the Volkswagen T2 Devon Moonraker from his Volkswagen dealer, Smithfields in Digbeth, so he could pick up my mother with their new-born baby, my younger sister, from Solihull hospital in a brand-new car, as was his tradition. On Fridays, mum would say, “Finish your homework.” Meanwhile, she’d be packing our bags into the camper along with sleeping bags, toys, our colouring books and other things we wanted to take. Then, when dad came home from his work, we'd set off to somewhere like Land's End or Scotland or anywhere! Some weekends we’d take the Big Car to Dover and take a day trip on the ferry to Zeebrugge or Boulogne or Calais. My brother would have his seat, which would be directly behind my dad, but facing backwards. So he'd always turn forward and look over Dad's shoulder. My sister would be at the back, in the corner, next to the quarter window, and I would be sitting next to the sink and the cutlery drawer.​

Luke’s Story

In 1971, my uncle bought a new Beetle, and he naturally called it Herbie. It's the first car I worked on. I was 13 years old. He's still got that car. I used to go around there on Saturdays and just get involved. We used to buy barrel pipes, we got a radio and mud flaps, that sort of stuff, bolt on goodies. I financed my degree in Economics at Roehampton by buying, selling and restoring Beetles. After my graduation, I bought a garage with my business partner at the time.

I Officially Made My Hobbie My Business


Most kids play with toy cars. When I was 10 years old, I owned a 1990 Volkswagen Scirocco. A real one. I still have it.

Hanzalah's Story

From the age of two or three, I started to ask my dad questions when we were out on our travels, stuff like, “What does that pedal do? Is that the brake?” How does an accelerator work?” I started tinkering with cars when I was eight or nine. I’d pick up a spanner here and there, help dad out when he was doing a service in the garage. A week or two before my 10th birthday, dad just walked into the room one morning and said, “Do you want a car?” I was like, “What car... what car?” And he said, “A Volkswagen,” I asked him, “Which one... which one?” He replied, “Uh, a Volkswagen Scirocco.”

It's part of my personality, engraved within me. It's in my blood.