Volkswagen Electric and Hybrid Car Range

Volkswagen Electric and Hybrid Cars​

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Volkswagen pure electric range

Incredible design. Groundbreaking performance. 

Explore our range of pure electric cars, from the exceptional e‑Golf and e‑up! to the revolutionary ID.3 ID.4 or ID5 and also the ID.Buzz.

Volkswagen Hybrid range

Combine the efficiency of electric and the power of a petrol engine with our range of high performance hybrids, including the Golf, Golf GTE and Passat Estate GTE or Luxury Arteon and Shooting Brake.

Should you go electric?

Discover plenty of information that will help you decide whether making the switch to an electric car is right for you. Read about running and servicing costs, explore whether your needs would be met by an electric car, and quickly get answers to all kinds of queries with our helpful FAQs.

Cost of ownership

Pick any Volkswagen electric or hybrid vehicle and compare it with up to four other Volkswagen models to see how the cost of ownership compares. 

Explore the costs

Charging and range ?

Electric cars are a serious alternative to petrol thanks in large part to their impressive range and the huge national network of chargers. Take a closer look and learn more about the network, how to pay for charging, and how to get an ID. Charger installed at home. 

How to charge your electric car?

How far can you go?


Years of research and development have come together to equip our electric cars with seriously impressive technology. From the MEB platform to regenerative braking, you can read all about it using the links below. You can even discover how we perfectly recreated the distinct tone of a Volkswagen engine so pedestrians and cyclists can hear your otherwise silent electric car. 

Battery technology

Driving technology

ID. technology

Brake energy recuperation


It isn’t just zero tailpipe emissions that make our electric cars sustainable. We’ve made changes to our entire production line to make it completely carbon neutral. From recycling batteries to eco-friendly in-car technology, discover how we’re dramatically reducing our impact on the environment. 

Way to Zero

Climate change

Recycling your battery

Energy storage

Volkswagen electric partnerships

Meet some of the progressive organisations we are working with to bring the future of mobility even closer, from our partnership Tesco to our Zipcar and Elli wallbox initiatives.

Tesco /Pod point


Octopus energy