SKODA ENYAQ iV Motability Offers

Latest prices for the SKODA ENYAQ iV on the Motability Car Scheme.

The fully electric award-winning SKODA ENYAQ iV is now available on the Motability lease scheme. 

Find the right Enyaq iV for you below

At Ingram Škoda we believe in promoting a limitless outlook for everybody. For that reason, in conjunction with the brilliant Motability Scheme Škoda have made the Enyaq iV available to all scheme members. For a list of Škoda Enyaq iV models available and details of the deposits required please refer to the price list below:

Škoda Enyaq iV Current Motability Offers

ENYAQ 60 Loft Auto £1,999.00 - Advance Payment
ENYAQ 60 Lounge Auto £2,199.00 - AP
ENYAQ 60 Suite Auto £2,199.00 - AP
ENYAQ 60 ecoSuite Auto £2,199.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80 Loft Auto £2,699.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80 Lounge Auto £2,899.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80 Suite Auto £2,899.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80 ecoSuite Auto £2,899.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80 Sportline Auto £2,999.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80x Sportline Auto £3,299.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80 Sportline Plus Auto £3,299.00 - AP
ENYAQ 80x Sportline Plus Auto £3,599.00 - AP

> The Škoda Enyaq iV fully electric SUV with zero emissions

> With its cutting-edge connectivity, state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems and exceptional comfort, it is perfect for city traffic and long hauls alike

> Best Family Car - Autocar 2022

Get ready for more comfort in the seat, fun behind the wheel and adventure on the horizon. Then prepare yourself for electrifying acceleration, enhanced connectivity and a brand-new approach to interior design. After all, to carry the iV badge means more than simply being an innovative vehicle. It means embracing change and leaving nothing behind.