All New Skoda Superb Estate
New Škoda Superb Estate

All-New Škoda Superb Estate

The fourth generation of the iconic Superb Estate comes with a spacious 690-litre boot for even greater practicality. This, along with the clean, timeless design, cutting-edge technology and the latest driver-assistance systems, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever you get behind the wheel.

All-New Superb Estate

SE Technology

The Superb SE Technology is a striking executive car with an interior that ensures you always travel in business class, built for those who are always on the move.

  • Loft Design Selection (fabric)
  • 13" touchscreen display with satellite navigation
  • Front and rear parking sensors with rear camera
  • Heated front seats with massage function
  • Predictive adaptive cruise control

​All-New Superb Estate


The Superb SE L is a premium trim offering more adjustable systems and cutting-edge technology, in addition to its attention stealing design.

  • Suite Design Selection (leather / artificial leather)
  • LED matrix headlights with dynamic range control and integrated fog light
  • Ventilated front seats with advanced massage function
superb estate l and k

All-New Superb Estate


The Superb L&K combines inspiration from our past with our present day commitment to being driven by something different. This luxury trim is a true celebration of style, comfort and elegant functionality.

  • Heated rear seats
  • Park assist with area view camera
  • CANTON sound system (14+1 speakers)
  • Dynamic chassis control plus

State-of-the-art technology

skoda superb estate

The new Superb Combi makes life easier

With the latest technology, Superb Estate will be there to back you up whatever the situation. Powerful yet fuel-efficient engines, advanced assist systems, LED Matrix beam headlights and a host of safety features are your guarantee of a smooth ride.

skoda superb estate

A wealth of engine choices

The Škoda Superb Estate offers efficient diesel and petrol four-cylinder engines available in several power outputs, always mated to a DSG automatic gearbox, front or all-wheel drive, and meeting the latest emission standards. Two all-petrol engines, a mild-hybrid variant, a plug-in hybrid petrol engine, and two all-diesel engines are available.

skoda superb estate

Dynamic Chassis Control Plus (DCC Plus)

Superb Estate features the option of the next-generation Dynamic Chassis Control Plus (DCC Plus) with Driving Mode Select. DCC Plus allows drivers to customise the vehicle’s handling to their personal preferences on a scale of options from Sport to Comfort – an à-la-carte chassis setup. The new generation offers faster shock absorber control and a wider range of damping characteristics, which you’ll notice in the form of improved driving dynamics and comfort

Your safety, our priority

The safety of you and your family is our priority. Occupants are protected by up to 9 airbags that work in tandem with the seat belts. The Isofix and Top Tether systems are used to improve the protection of children in infant carriers. If an accident is unavoidable, passengers are prepared for impact by Crew Protect Assist which, in the front, closes the windows and activates belt pretensioning. ESCABS and many other systems also keep an eye on the car when it is on the go.

LED Matrix beam headlights

The Škoda Superb Estate features efficient LED lights front and back. The main advantage of LED Matrix beam headlights is their Matrix function, which, by lighting up and extinguishing the individual LED sources in sequence, prevents other road users from being dazzled. This means you can keep the powerful full beam on all the time on your travels so that you have a perfect insight into what is happening around you.

The LED Matrix beam headlights are complemented by the very best LED rear lights with animated indicators and welcome effect, incorporating diodes for every function.

LED Matrix Beam Headlights

Driving in the city

Inching forward a bit at a time as you pass pedestrians and cyclists. The Škoda Superb Estate’s job is to make this easier for you. The Front Assist with Predictive Pedestrian and Cyclist Protection can alert you or stop the car in the event of an imminent collision with another vehicle or a person. Side Assist detects vehicles approaching from behind or in the car’s blind spot up to 70 m away, so it also effective at warning the driver of hazardous situations on multi-lane roads and motorways.

skoda superb parking estate


When you buy the Superb Estate, all your parking worries are over. Rear Traffic Alert will help you exit a line of cars as it detects whether another car is approaching and alerts you in good time. Park Distance Control with Manoeuvre Assist makes sure you don’t hit any obstacles when manoeuvring the car in tight spaces. A useful component of Intelligent Park Assist is Trained Parking, which is used for the automatic completion of a parking manoeuvre in a parking spot that is in a familiar environment, e.g. at home.

Driving on the highway

When you’re on the motorway, systems are ready to help by taking some of the driving for you. Travel Assist integrates several systems and functions to make driving a lot easier and increase travelling comfort. Once activated, Travel Assist can automatically stop and restart, keep the car in lane, follow other vehicles in a traffic jam, or show the surrounding traffic on a display in front of you.

Driving outside the city

Smart function Traffic Sign Recognition shows the traffic signs on the car’s display so you can keep track of the situation. In case of an accident, the Multi-Collision Brake prevents further uncontrolled vehicle movement by braking, thus reducing the risk of multiple collisions.

Škoda Smart Dials

Push-buttons with digital displays allow quick access to numerous vehicle functions. The two outer Smart Dials for the driver and front passenger control the interior temperature, seat heating, and seat ventilation, displaying the currently active function. The centre Smart Dial controls up to four different functions, such as the infotainment volume, fan speed, air direction, smart air conditioning, driving modes, and map zoom.

skoda smart dials

A majestic car for every day

superb estate interior

Remarkably resourceful and roomy interior

The Superb Estate is known for its class leading generous interior space and large boot. Combined with the latest technology, numerous innovative solutions and a host of connectivity options, the Superb Estate is a reliable partner you can rely on, whether you’re travelling to a business meeting or on a family outing

skoda superb estate

Sleek and modern design

Robust proportions combine with crisp lines, narrow headlights, unique dark matte chrome accessories and up to 19-inch wheels to create the instantly recognisable, modern and dynamic design that makes the Superb Estate the true flagship of Škoda cars.

First-class comfort in all circumstances

You don’t have to travel by plane to experience first-class comfort. Heated and ventilated massage seats, three-zone air-conditioning and a wealth of other comfort features make for a unique driving experience

skoda superb estate

Latest plug-in hybrid technology

Discover the allure of combining an electric motor with an internal combustion engine and enjoy all that plug-in hybrid technology has to offer. Whether you prefer to travel in all-electric mode with zero local emissions or use an internal combustion engine, you’ll come to embrace sustainable travel.

superb estate Hybrid

Simple charging anywhere you choose

At home, at work, at the shops or at one of the thousands of other public charging stations on your travels. There are plenty of ways to charge your Superb Combi iV, and it’s a very easy process that anyone can manage.

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Add more car to your Superb 

Accessories for the Superb Estate

The Škoda Genuine Accessories product range is based on users’ real needs and helps them to customise their car so that it perfectly reflects their needs and wishes

skoda accessories

Portable coffee maker

Prepare your favourite coffee anytime and anywhere you fancy. With the portable espresso machine, you do not even have to get out of your car to enjoy the pleasant taste. Instead of stressing out trying to find a café on your travels, you can just stop at a suitable spot and prepare your coffee exactly how you like it.
skoda superb hatch accessories

Child seat

Provide the maximum safety for the smallest members of your family with high-quality child seats from the Škoda Genuine accessories range.

skoda superb estate accessories

Thermo-electric cooling box

The thermo-electric cooling box cools your food quickly and uniformly. Refreshing beverages, fruit and other food are always within reach to provide you with a little cool relief on hot summer days.

skoda superb estate accessories

Lockable roof box

Go to the mountains with the original Škoda roof box while up to six pairs of skis or five snowboards will always be safe thanks to the safety central lock. The shapes of the box are not only designed with regard to the maximum utilization of the inner space but they s