Getting hands-on with the new Superb Combi

​Introducing journalists, YouTubers and influencers to a new car is an integral part of the launch. The world premiere, when even the trade press get their first look at a car, is followed up by test-drive presentations, when journalists can have a go behind the wheel. Škoda Storyboard can show you what this kind of event looks like.

all new skoda superb estate the journalists view

​One of Škoda’s newest products – the New Superb Estate or Combi as its also known in Europe – was presented to 350 journalists from 26 countries in March in and around the Portuguese capital Lisbon.
Fifty cars were laid on for them.
Various engine versions, including the plug-in hybrid version iV, and equipment levels were made available.

all new skoda superb estate the journalists view

“For Škoda, this is a key part of the launch of a new car. Leading motoring and lifestyle journalists get to experience the new Superb Combi for the first time, test the different powertrains and get a first-hand understanding of the benefits the new car offers. The media reach of their reports is estimated at millions of readers, viewers and listeners,” says Vítězslav Kodym, head of product communication at Škoda.

During the event, journalists and influencers will have access to experts from development, marketing and specialists in the model range. While taking the cars for test drives, the invited guests get the chance to photograph or film their own content, so a key aspect of the planning involves finding test-drive routes with plenty of attractive locations. In the case of the Superb Combi, these locations were Cabo da Roca, a cape on the beautiful Atlantic coastline, and Lisbon itself. The recommended routes cover several types of road, from city streets to country roads and stretches of motorways.

all new skoda superb estate the journalists view

“It’s important that journalists have the opportunity to test as many variants of the new car as possible. If only because a mild-hybrid engine is featuring under the Superb’s bonnet for the first time, as well as a second-generation plug-in hybrid with a purely electric range of over 100 km,” says Vítězslav Kodym. The different types of road invite you to try out the chassis settings and driving modes, which can be switched quickly and conveniently in the new Superb simply by turning one of the Smart Dials.

Of course, experienced motoring journalists aren’t only interested in the car’s handling. They inspect and test all the storage compartments, try out Simply Clever solutions – such as the display cleaner located in the armrest – and test the size of the boot and the space on all the seats.

Another important component of the press presentation for new cars is the experts from the various Škoda departments who are there to answer questions from their specialist fields. As experts who have been directly involved in developing the presented car or its parts, they can clear up any queries the journalists may have. In the case of the Superb, the main topics of discussion were the engines, the chassis, what Smart Dials can do, the HMI upgrade and the new assistance systems.

“The Superb is the flagship of our internal combustion engine cars. The latest model brings a range of innovations and Simply Clever solutions. The feedback from the hundreds of journalists who tested the car is very important to us, as are their subsequent reports in the print and electronic media, which can be an excellent guide for customers,” Vítězslav Kodym concludes

Founding father

As the car being presented was a Superb Combi, Škoda felt it would be wrong for the forefather of the Superb dynasty, the Škoda Superb OHV 3000 limousine, to be missing from the event. Lent by the Škoda Museum, the black beauty was built in 1939 and served to demonstrate the tradition that today’s cars of this name are continuing. It was even available to the journalists for carpooling and group photos. As it cruised through the streets of Lisbon, it turned heads and drew admiring glances from the Portuguese capital’s residents and other drivers. Driving the vintage car with an imposing front end and a cosy passenger compartment was a special experience.

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