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Ingram Motoring Group 50th Anniversary in Business 1975
Ingram Motoring Group 50th Anniversary in Business 1975
Ingram Motoring Group 50th Anniversary in Business 1975

Ingram Motoring Group Established 1974

The Ingram family have held the Volkswagen franchise in Ayr since the early 70s.

Like the marque’s cars, we have grown in reputation and choice.

We are now based at the very top of Ayr’s “motor city” in Heathfield occupying a prime site that offers our customers easy access and parking and a spacious, light and airy showroom that stocks not only every Volkswagen in the current range, but also over 200 quality used cars.

Volkswagen is one of the most trusted car brands in the world. Renowned for reliability through German engineering, simplicity in design and breath-taking performance, the brand has enjoyed success in every market it serves.

We also have Škoda and SEAT located across the road at Old Bridge Road as well as our Insurance Approved Bodyshop assisting people in the event of a accident to get their car back on the road with minimal fuss.

​Celebrate 50 Years of Golf Excellence with Ingram Volkswagen! 

Also in 1974, the iconic Volkswagen Beetle handed over the reins to the legendary Golf, marking the beginning of a revolution in automotive history. Since then, the Golf has not only been a pioneer in its class but has also become synonymous with the term "bestseller." Fast forward to today, and we're thrilled to announce that we're gearing up to celebrate the Golf's 50th birthday with a bang!

vw golf history
vw golf history

A Legacy of Innovation and Success

With over 37 million vehicles sold across eight generations, the Golf has left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. From its revolutionary front-wheel-drive design to its versatile overall concept, every iteration of the Golf has pushed the boundaries of innovation. Whether it's the iconic straight-line design or its unbeatable combination of versatility, functionality, reliability, and quality, the Golf has always been a perfect companion for everyday life.

Introducing the Next Chapter

As we gear up to celebrate this momentous occasion, we're excited to unveil the world premiere of the new Golf, set to take place at the end of January. Building on the legacy of its predecessors, the new Golf will bring forth a host of innovations, including visually refined features, new assist systems and powertrains, and next-generation infotainment systems and software. With pre-sales scheduled for spring 2024, the wait for the next chapter in Golf's storied history is almost over!

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

As we celebrate the Golf's 50th anniversary, Volkswagen Classic will be by our side, showcasing historic Golf models from the Volkswagen collection at various events throughout the year. From the Salon Rétromobile show in Paris to the Bremen Classic Motorshow, we'll be keeping the legacy of the Golf alive for generations to come.

What happened in Ayrshire in 1974.

In 1974, five key events occurred in Ayrshire, Scotland, which is known for its rich history and contributions to various fields. Here are some notable happenings from 1974 in Ayrshire:

Culzean Castle

​The Opening of the Culzean Castle Country Park: After extensive restoration, the Culzean Castle Country Park, encompassing over 500 acres of woodland, gardens, and coastal paths, opened to the public for the first time in 1974. This marked a significant development in Ayrshire's tourism industry, making the stunning natural beauty of the Culzean Estate accessible to everyone.

Launch of the MV Caledonian Princess: The iconic MV Caledonian Princess, a car ferry connecting Ardrossan with Brodick on the Isle of Arran, took its maiden voyage in 1974. This vital transport link became a lifeline for the island community and a popular choice for day trips and holidays, boosting Arran's tourism and economy.

Closure of Dalry Mine: After over 100 years of operation, the Dalry Mine, once a major coal producer in Ayrshire, closed its doors in 1974. This marked the end of an era for the local mining industry, impacting the lives of many families and communities reliant on the mine for work. However, it also paved the way for the redevelopment of the area and the creation of new opportunities.

Ayrshire Coastline Rescue: The year 1974 saw the formation of the Ayrshire Coastline Rescue, a vital volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives at sea and along the Ayrshire coast. This group of dedicated individuals has played a crucial role in countless rescues and continues to ensure the safety of those enjoying the coast today.

​Success for Kilmarnock FC: The Kilmarnock Football Club enjoyed a successful season in 1974, winning the Scottish League Cup. This victory brought joy and pride to the town and its supporters, solidifying the club's position as a major force in Scottish football.

Ayr united photo 1973 -1974 season

Ayr United 1973 - 1974 Team Photo.

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