All of our testing and servicing is carried out by qualified Volkswagen professionals. We service all Volkswagens, including petrol, diesel, hybrid and pure electric models.

We offer fixed or flexible servicing, so you can select the service that suits your Volkswagen best.


Recommended if:

  • You drive fewer than 9,300 miles per year
  • Mainly drive in the city, or if you make frequent short journeys
  • Often carry out high engine loading activities, such as steep hill climbs, towing, anddriving often with multiple passengers
  • You often drive using a high engine rpm with heavy acceleration and braking

A technician with glasses lit by a red light looks at a VW

Cars under 3 years old

If you select fixedservicing for the first three years ofownership, your car will require an annualservice inspection and oilservice.

  • 1stservice (oilservice) – at 9,300 miles or when your car is 12 months old.
  • 2ndservice – at 18,600 miles or when your car is 24 months old.
  • 3rdservice – at 27,900 miles or when your car is 36 months old.

A technician stands at a laptop typing next to a grey VW ID.3

Cars over 3 years old

We recommend either a OilService & Inspection or OilService & Inspection with Supplementary Scope.

OilService & Inspection  – recommended every 12 months or 10,000 miles

OilService & Inspection with Supplementary Scope – recommended every 2 years or 20,000 miles

For the best results we recommend alternating both services.

Flexible service

Recommended if you:

  • Regularly drive more than 25 miles per day
  • Regularly drive long-distance
  • You drive at a constant speed with minimum vehicle and engine loading, such as hill climbs, towing, anddriving with passengers

A technician typing into a computer

When tobook a flexibleservice

With flexible service, your Volkswagen’sservice light tells you when you need to book your car in.

Flexible servicing is made possible by the development of new Volkswagen engines and long-life oils. Our engines use built-in sensors to continually monitor the oil quality to ensure it stays in good condition between inspections. 

  • 1stservice (oilservice) – at up to 18,600 miles or 24 months
  • 2ndservice – at up to 18,600 after the previousservice or when your car is 48 months old.
  • 3rdservice – at up to 18,600 after the previousservice or when your car is 72 months old.

Electric service

A technician typing into a computer plugged into a VW ID.3

Pure electric cars have far fewer parts than petrol or diesel cars, so they are typically much easier toservice

Find out more about an electric car service.

A woman in front of Passat GTE car

GTE (hybrid) service

A GTEservice requiresservicing both the conventional combustion engine and theelectric motor. 

Find out more about a GTE carservice.

Benefits of having your car serviced regularly

  1. You will have a completeVolkswagenservicehistory, recorded in yourservicebook, which is important when you sell the vehicle.
  2. You can be confident that your car is running well and in good condition
  3. You can manage the cost with a Service Plan
  4. You can take advantage of ourspecialoffer price with our Fixed Price Servicing for Volkswagens between 3-15 years old, up to and including 2.0 litre engines. Terms and Conditions apply.

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