The GTI Collection

It’s all about performance.

Few cars inspire obsession like the GTI.

Now you can enjoy this iconic brand through our range of GTI accessories, clothing and luggage.

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Born in Wolfsburg

Many of our GTI products feature the coordinates of our factory in Wolfsburg where the GTI is built.

GTI bluetooth headphones

True Wireless headphones with storage box, featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and hands-free function.

GTI Watch

This branded GTi Wristwatch - Black,

GTI design

GTI induction charger

This branded wireless charger features the trademark GTI tartan and standard USB connector. Charging capacity up to 10W

GTI baby onesie

​You’re never too young to fall in love with GTI. Onesies available in sizes 68–74 and 80–86. Machine washable up to 30°C. Easy fit.

GTI branded clothing

Classic GTI branded polos and t-shirts, available in black or white.

Women’s sizes: XS to XXL. 

Men’s sizes S to XXXL.

GTI luggage

​High performance, great protection, iconic branding – and that’s just our suitcases! 

This wheeled case is light, compact, ergonomically designed and very durable. 

Features the GTI logo in silver and a red inner lining.

GTI bags

​Our range of branded sports bags, rucksacks and waist bags bring a touch of GTI performance even when you’re not in the car. The sports bag comes with two interior pockets for maximum space. The waist bag is compact and features two compartments for storing smaller items.

GTI summer accessories

Stay cool with our summer range of GTI branded accessories, including swimming trunks, towels and sandals.

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