The new Superb through the eyes of chief designer Oliver Stefani

Chief designer Oliver Stefani knows every detail of the new generation of the Škoda Superb. He’s the best guide to its shapes and forms. Have a look!

Starting at the front, Oliver Stefani points to the typical indent in the middle of the bonnet, with its lip following the line of the lower central section of the top of the radiator grille whose frame is no longer chrome. “We have a new material we call unique dark chrome. It’s both sustainable and looks very modern,” Stefani explains the benefits of the innovation. You can see for yourself in the video showcasing lots of the details found on the new car.

​Stefani also highlights how cleverly the designers use the Superb’s lines to accentuate its roominess. “In the interior the lines mainly emphasise its width, while we respect the car’s traditional symmetric design,” the chief designer explains. On the outside, the car’s length is visually enhanced by the line that runs from the front lights to the rear lights via the door handles.

​The rear lights’ segmentation has been redesigned, with illuminated elements on the sides that are reminiscent of fingers. “The edge of the light helps improve the car’s aerodynamics,” says Stefani, pointing to a functional detail that also optically widens the car.

It is the rear lights that are the only element both body variants of the Superb have in common at the rear. “But that’s all they share,” Stefani says and adds that both the estate and the liftback have a tailor-made rear end for their distinctive character.

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