Škoda and dogs

Learn about the partnerships Škoda Uk has with key dog organisations and how to travel safely with dogs in cars.

With some helpful videos showing great Hints and Tips

At Škoda, we love dogs and we know that choosing the right car for your dog is as important as choosing the right car for your family. That is why we have partnered with key dog charities and organisations to support their invaluable work and promote important safety tips for travelling with dogs in cars.

Škoda was the official automotive partner of Crufts 2024

skoda loves dogs

​Škoda was proud to have officially partnered with Crufts again for 2024. They attended the show with a Škoda Dog stand this year, which gave all visitors the chance to see Škoda's latest, dog-friendly Škoda cars, which were fully equipped with accessories to guarantee a safer and more comfortable journey for you and your loved dog or pet.

Dogs for Good partnership

skoda loves dogs

Škoda have also partnered up with Dogs for Good, an amazing charity that brings people and dogs together to help make life possible for people with a range of disabilities.

Dogs for Good staff are always out and about, from driving dogs to training sessions, taking them home to their volunteer families, visiting puppies in their volunteer homes or taking Community Dogs to support sessions for disabled people. So, we have donated two Škoda Kamiqs to support and expand their vital work.

To learn more about the incredible work Dogs for Good do, and how you can help, visit their website or social channels.

How to travel with dogs in cars

Škoda, want to make sure that you travel safely and comfortably with your dog in the car.

To help, Škoda has a wide range of dog accessories for pooches of every size including dog car harnesses, dog guards and even a rear seat dog hammock.

Ingram Škoda can order these Genuine Accessories and fit them to your car if required.

Check out our Happy Hounds Spotify playlist

by Anna Webb and Škoda

Many dogs struggle with travelling in the car and get stressed in and around automobiles. To celebrate its sponsorship of Crufts 2023, Škoda is working with canine behavioural expert Anna Webb to help relieve this stress by creating a Spotify playlist, named Happy Hounds, specifically curated to soothe anxious dogs on car journeys.

The music on this playlist will be scientifically proven to relieve a dog’s anxiety in the car, thanks to its slow BPM (beats per minute), calming tones and repetition. It will be supported by science and Anna’s expertise after 20 years in the business.

View playlist