Some people spend all year looking for Christmas presents, others leave it till the last minute. But this year, everyone can find what they need from the comfort of their own home. The Škoda e-shop* will inspire and satisfy even the most demanding drivers – and non-drivers!

​Clothes, toys, backpacks, models, sports and hiking equipment, of course, everything to do with cars. Lots of gifts, from “little somethings” to items of real value.Available to order from Ingram SKODA Parts Department.

For travellers

We mustn’t forget those who literally live for travel. A passion for travel has always been part of the Škoda brand. This year, a sleeping bag with a blanket or an air mattress for two is sure to be a welcome gift. For exploring at night, an LED headlamp with USB charging is essential. And in the car, a fridge or coffee maker will definitely come in handy. 

For future drivers

You’re not born a driver, you become one. That’s why it’s important to educate the next generation from a young age. Schoolchildren will appreciate a fun pencil case or an original backpack with wheels. Parents will appreciate a children’s organiser in the car, while their kids will love a wooden tower, a wooden car, a Škoda Karoq construction kit and lots of other toys for long journeys. There are also child seats or a bicycle. 

For model collectors and enthusiasts alike

One favourite classic is, of course, Škoda model cars. You should definitely not miss the Enyaq iV, the elegant Škoda Popular Monte Carlo from 1937 or the now legendary Škoda 110 R from 1980. 

For the practically minded 

Do you like practical gifts and not things that will be forgotten immediately and just collect dust? Then you’ve come to the right place – glass mugs, pocket knives, mouse mats with recharging, sporty wallets, rear seat multimedia holders or thermal mugs are perfect for you. And one more clever idea: how about some metal straws with holsters made from safety belts? And while we’re on the subject of belts, you can also find men’s or women’s wallets made from them.

For hikers and skiers

Do you look forward to winter and like to hike through snowy landscapes or ski? In that case, besides a knitted hat and scarf, warm socks, a fitness watch, an extendable ski and snowboard rack, a roof rack bag, a ski bag or a winter car care kit will certainly come in handy. What about chains? Have you got some? These stainless steel ones are definitely worth it if you’re heading into the mountains.

For cyclists

We’ve got lots of nice Christmas presents for two-wheeler enthusiasts as well. So what’s it to be – self-tinting bikers’ goggles, a helmet, tools, gloves, a jersey, shorts or a set of lights? How about a stylish cyclists’ keyring? And, of course, a bike rack trailer should be part of your kit.

For motorsport enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a gift for lovers of racing, then you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt of real rally drivers. For the champions of the future, you definitely need a racing onesie for babies. And a peaked cap or cool jacket will certainly come in handy. 

For Fabia lovers

And lastly, a few more tips for Skoda Fabia-style gifts. How about a Fabia balance bike, wireless headphones or a practical spare umbrella? Or would a shoulder bag or a thermal mug be more suitable? Make sure everyone knows you’ve really grown to love the Fabia. 

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