The all-new ŠKODA FABIA is a car for a wide audience. Check out how it satisfies the demanding requirements of the young and active.

Stylish, spacious and practical, and always online. That’s the new ŠKODA FABIA, an all-rounder that’s particularly suited to urban life. The FABIA is self-confident and stylish, like its occupants, as a new video of four young sportspeople shows.

In the video, skaters Mery Muñoz and Emi Parejo, scooter rider Ivan Jimenez and skateboarder Alfredo Ourbon show off their cool and often mind-boggling tricks. And with its Phoenix Orange paint job, the FABIA lit up the streets of sunny Barcelona. The car’s style credentials are enhanced by its black roof and black light-alloy 16-inch Procyon wheels with aerodynamic covers.

Fabia Colour Edition Offer

Mery Muñoz

Inline skating pro and trainer Mery has over 56,000 followers on Instagram. Check out her somersault in the video.

Emi Parejo

Pro skater and trainer Emi has over 15,000 fans on Instagram. She only hooks up with the gang when they reach the skate park, but certainly doesn’t get left in the shade there!

Ivan Jimenez

Scooter rider Ivan has over 37,000 Instagram followers. Try not to feel dizzy watching his tricks!

Alfredo Ourbon

Skateboarder Alfredo has almost 3,500 Instagram fans. See if you can count how many tricks he pulls off in the video?

Mar Bella skate park

Mar Bella is one of Barcelona’s modern skate parks. Covering an area of roughly 2,600 m2 in the vibrant Poblenou district, its concrete forms are inspired by the sand dunes on the neighbouring Mar Bella beach. The skate park features tracks and obstacles for all skill levels and even a long-distance track. It’s widely regarded as the best skate park in Barcelona. It’s open all the time, free of charge.