Zero worries.

0% to be precise.

Keep your car and finances running smoothly, with interest free servicing, repairs, maintenance and accessories.

0% worries. 0% hassle

A helping hand.

In times like these, a little helping hand can go a long way. It’s why SEAT are now offering you interest free options on all our products, from repairs and maintenance, to servicing and accessories, from £300 upwards.

If you complete the application online, a decision is normally made within 30 seconds.

Easy payments

Keep it to a minimum.

There are two ways to break down your costs:

  • 3 equal monthly payments, with nothing to pay for up to 40 days, or
  • 25% paid on the day, the rest over 5 months (or 8 months if over £1,500)

Here are a few examples

Just to make it crystal clear

£300 loan amount
3 equal monthly payments - £100
Total payment - £300
Total interest - £0

£500 loan amount
1 initial payment of 25% - £125
5 equal monthly payments - £75
Total payments - £500
Total interest - £0

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